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pfeilSeptember, 11th, 2019The New acquisitions service (NED) Slavistik has been provided with a permanent URL for the selection of new acquisitions. The URL can be called as a web page or sent by e-mail. The pagination has also been adapted to mobile design.
pfeilJune, 14th, 2019The database "Bibliographische Materialien zur Slawistik" (BibMatSlaw) has been expanded by conversion of printed bibliographies to more than 10,000 bibliographical units.
pfeilMay, 5th, 2019The annual metadata update performed: Cyberleninka (+97.000), Библиотека Фронтистеса (500), Электронная библиотека ГПИБ (14.500), Hrčak (+5.000), AMUR (+1.400), CEEOL (+50.600), Chtyvo (+8.800), MediathekView-SL (8.960), iReteslaw (1.032), WorldCat-SL (+20.370), doiSerbia (+900) et al.
pfeilApril, 24th, 2019The national license collection "Soviet Cinema Online. Archival Documents from RGALI, 1923-1935" with 64 electronic documents is now searchable via the Portal.
pfeilMarch, 15th, 2019The new index for searching in Slavic full texts has been released. The index is based on the corrected websites of Slavic Wikisource projects and a thousand other websites from the Russian Internet. The results are displayed in the form of snippets. The search is possible via the parallel search or widget "Slavic Fulltext Sources".
pfeilFebruary, 4th, 2019The parallel search of the Portal was enriched with functions "Did you mean?" and "Open record in new tab". The number of converted records in the database "Bibliographic Materials on Slavic Studies" (BibMatSlaw) is now about 8500 items.
pfeilJanuary, 11th, 2019The Bibliography of the Czech Linguistics (BibCzechLing) was updated for the last 10 years and contains now 73280 records (+20000).
pfeilDecember, 6th, 2018The Bibliography of International Congresses of Slavists (BibSlavKon) has been enriched with 3250 OCLC numbers for finding the location of the publication via WorldCat.
pfeilOctober, 5th, 2018The first volume of the bibliography "Славяноведение в повременных изданиях" from 1901 has been converted into the database form and enriched with about 500 references to the online editions.
pfeilSeptember, 14th, 2018The metadata from the Online Library "ImWerden" (6.828 items) is attached to the parallel search of the Portal.
pfeilJune, 27th, 2018The website SP Lab with the tools for Widgets, Translit, Language Detection und SlavCorp is now available.
pfeilMay, 22nd, 2018The Slavic Bibliographies from the Slavistics Portal with browsing view are completed with a new Citation function ("Citation link") and additional search possibility.
pfeilMarch, 21st, 2018The Bibliography of International Congresses of Slavists (BibSlavKon) was updated with the data from the XV International Congress of Slavists, Minsk 2013. The bibliography records are now searchable and available here.
pfeilMarch, 9th, 2018Meta data update: RSL digital: +41.000, RSL autoref: +5.200, Archive.org: +10.000 (incl. deduplication), BSU-OAI: +29.700, AMUR-OAI: +300, Kamunikat.org: +24.000, CEEOL: +56.440, Hrčak-OAI: 10.200 a.m.m.
pfeilFebruary, 18th, 2018The complete renewal of the technical Infrastructure of the Portal. The web application, database and indexing servers are migrated to new Debean platform. The following updates and upgrades are done: SOLR > 6.5.1, Pazpar2 > 1.12.6, YAZ > 5.16 a.m.m.
pfeilDecember, 18th, 2017The Sorbian Bibliography was enriched with records from the time period 1945-2016. The Bibliography was created at the Sorbian Institute in Bautzen and contains now 74.400 items.
pfeilDecember, 5th, 2017The Slavistics Portal moved to secure protocol HTTPS with the encrypted connection (SSL). The certificate was received by the Portal from the German National Research and Education Network.
pfeilSeptember, 28th, 2017The FID service Digitisation on Demand (DoD) Slawistik was integrated in the Portal.
pfeilSeptember, 7th, 2017The request form for publications in Slavistics (as a part of FID service) is now available via the Portal.
pfeilJuly, 19th, 2017The "Bibliography of Slavic Publications from German Journals 1876-1983" (BidSlavArb) was enriched with 1343 fulltext urls for the journal "Archiv für slavische Philologie".
pfeilJuly, 14th, 2017New metadata: The collection "Czasopisma humanistyczne" of the BazHum database (bazhum.muzhp.pl) was itegrated in the Portal Search ( +110.000 items).
pfeilJune, 1st, 2017New metadata: Runivers ToCs: Киевская старина (106 vol., publ. time 1882-1907, 13.570 items), Исторический вестник. Историко-литературный журнал (149 vol., publ. time 1880-1917, 31.112 items).
pfeilMay, 17th, 2017The metadata of the journal "Soviet Slavistics" (1970-1980) is integrated in the Portal search (about 1.330 items).
pfeilApril, 3rd, 2017The collection of 1046 digital documents from NALIS Repository (Bulgaria) was integrated in the Portal search.
pfeilMarch, 9th, 2017The 203 rare Church slavonic Old prints from the Digital collection of the National Library of Belarus are searchable via Portal.
pfeilFebruary, 6th, 2017Metadata update: Cyberleninka.ru (+67.420), OLC Slawistik (+6.135), CEEOL (+20.700); new metadata: Runivers.ru (ToCs): Акты Виленской археографической комиссии (7.454), Архив Юго-Западной России (3.192), Русская историческая библиотека (3.836), Журнал Министерства народного просвещения (34.680), Русский архив. Историко-литературный сборник (7.813), Русская старина (7.020), uknol.info (53.652), chtyvo.org.ua (32.780), ihtik.lib.ru (141.000).
pfeilJanuary, 9th, 2017The new mobile friendly version of the Portal is online.
pfeilNovember, 3rd, 2016The bibliography ("Библиографический указатель литературы") from the Linguistic Institute RAN is integrated in the Portal search. (for 1918-1957: 1.670 bibl. items; for 1825-1880: 18.556 bibl. items).
pfeilOctober, 19th, 2016The bibliographical data from the catalogue of the Institute of Scientific Information on Social Sciences of the Russian Academy of Sciences (INION) with topic in slavic languages and literatures are integrated in the Portal search. (1991-2003: about 132.280 bibl. items).
pfeilSeptember, 12th, 2016The metadata of the journal "Soviet Slavistics" (1965-1969) is integrated in the Portal search (about 850 items).
pfeilJune, 23rd, 2016About 2000 metadata with subject "Russian Language and Literature" from the "President Library" (Sankt Petersburg) are integrated in the Portal search.
pfeilApril, 25th, 2016The metadata of the database Hathitrust with the digital books (in free access only for the US Web) are integrated in the portal (about 40.000 items).
pfeilMarch, 4th, 2016New bibliographic data: Труды Отдела древнерусской литературы - TODRL (Vol. 1-57, 1934-2006, 2.819 items), Известия Отделения русского языка и словесности Российской Академии Наук - IORJaS (about 100 vol., 1852-1998, 4.971 items), Киевская старина (20 vol., 1882-1901, 3.262 items)
pfeilFebruary, 19th, 2016Database update: CyberLeninka (3460 > 48850 items), doiSerbia (640 > 1800 items), BazHum (61800 > 197300 items), Hrčak (11600 > 39400), Warsaw University Digital Library (> 2514), Polona.pl (>24842), Digital Repository of Scientific Institutes RCIN (>3479), electronic library BSU (210 >8880); new databases Prlib.ru (Yeltsin Presidential Library, 32 ebooks), AMUR (Repozytorium Uniwersytetu im. Adama Mickiewicza, 1700 items), BRDRL (Bibliography for works in Old Russian Literature, Vol. 1-7, 1917-2002, 24925 items), starieknigi.info (15.000 ebooks)
pfeilNovember, 20th, 2015New metadata is applied to the Portal: a) Tables of Contents from 218 volumes of the "Чтения в Императорском Обществе Истории и Древностей Российских" (1846-1908, ca. 3550 bibl. items). b) Collection of electronic books from "Інститут історії України Національної академії наук України" (3800 items).
pfeilOctober, 9th, 2015The metadata of the electronic archive "Zeitschrift für Slawistik" (1956-2000, 5000 bibl. items) are now available online.
pfeilJanuary, 15th, 2015The metadata of the University Library ONLINE is from 42000 to 46000 updated.
pfeilApril, 10th, 2014The University Library ONLINE is applied to the Search engine of Portal. The database contans 42000 digital items. Access via Institutions with Licence.
pfeilApril, 5th, 2014The harvester databases are updated: archive.org (33000->45000), OAI (+4500), VOS Digital (+120), Hrčak (+1000)
pfeil24th - 25th October 2013The Berlin State Library and the "Vereins Deutscher Bibliothekare" (VDB) organize the workshop "Aktuelle Informationsangebote für die Slawistik - 15 Jahre SSG Slawistik an der Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin". The papers and presentations are available online: Workshop Slawistik 2013
pfeilAugust, 9th, 2013The New acquisitions Slavistics is complete rebuild and moved to Ajax and RSS technology
pfeilJuly, 10th, 2013The first three widgets are available.
pfeilJuly, 8th, 2013The database "Russische Kultur und Gender Studies" (RuKult) was integrated in the parallel search.
pfeilApril, 10th, 2013The Bibliography of International Congresses of Slavists (BibSlavKon) is updated with the data from the XIV. Congress (Ohrid, Macedonia, 2008)
pfeilJan., 25th 2013New Portal search is implemented (Pazpar2 & Solr)
pfeilJune, 14th, 2012Three DFG-National licences are integrated in the fulltext database search
pfeilApril, 16th, 2012The Bibliography of Slavic Publications from the GDR (BibSlawPub) is integrated in the datapool
pfeilFeb., 29th, 2012Create your own link list with our Link List Service
pfeilDec., 15th, 2011The database "Online Library of German Slavistics (OlBiSlav) is available in browsing view
pfeilNov., 15th, 2011The Bielefeld Academic Search Engine (BASE) is integrated in fulltext database search
pfeilSept., 14th, 2011The database "Bibliography of the Czech Linguistics" (BibCzechLing) is integrated in the metasearch engine
pfeilMay, 2nd, 2011The Papers to the Slavic Bibliography (MatSlavBib) is integrated in the metasearch engine
pfeilMarch, 24th, 2011The Bibliography of the International Congresses of Slavists (BibSlavKon) is integrated in the metasearch engine
pfeilNov., 22nd, 2010The bibliographic database "LitDok" is integrated in the metasearch
pfeilOct., 14th, 2010The "Bibliographie der slavistischen Arbeiten aus den deutschsprachigen Fachzeitschriften 1876-1983" (BibSlavArb) is now available via the Datapool
pfeilFeb., 12th, 2010The Sorbian Bibliography (SorBib) is integrated in the metasearch
pfeilJuly, 1st, 2009The bibliographic database of German publication on Russia, the Soviet Union and its successor states (RussGus) is integrated in the metasearch
pfeilApril, 1st, 2009The "Kempgen's linguistic bibliography" (KempgenDB) is integrated in the Portal
pfeilJuly, 18th, 2008New Modul for an overview of databases in Slavistics (via DBIS) is online
pfeilMarch, 19th, 2008The relaunch of European Bibliography of Slavic and East European Studies (EBSEES) is now online
pfeilMay, 10th, 2007Slavistics Portal is now online