Портал славистики

Slavistik-Portal Lab(oratory)

The website offers an overview of some tools useful for Slavic Studies, which were created during the work on the Slavistik-Portal (especially in the area of metadata processing), but are still in the development phase. Nevertheless, these tools should not be withheld from our users.


The widgets are Javascript-based applications that allow users to search a number of databases and bibliographies of the Slavic Studies Portal locally (or on their own PC).


The Translit-Tool allows transliteration from different Slavic languages according to the scientific standard DIN 1460 into the Latin alphabet.

Language Detection

The tool for language determination of Slavic languages. It works on the basis of trigram evaluation of small Wikipedia corpora of the respective Slavic language.


Here are materials that can be used for corpus linguistic studies in the subject area of Slavic Studies.


Biblical verses in parallel (Russian Church Slavonic Greek) quickly looked up.


Old Church Slavic paradigms, overview of the declination and conjugation classes.

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