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Author(s)Holšánová, Jana; Johansson, Roger; Holmqvist, Kenneth

To tell and to show: the interplay of language and visualisation in communication

PublishedA Smorgasbord of Cognitive Science, Nora, Nya Doxa ; 2008, s. 215-229
Classification (CZ)Souhrnné práce
Psycholingvistika. Neurolingvistika
Classification (EN)General works
Psycholinguistics. Neurolinguistics
Subjectslingvistika kognitivní; komunikace; vizualizace
Subjects (DE)Kognitive Linguistik; Kommunikation
NotePodle SaS 2010, s. 326
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Holdings (in Germany)in KVK prüfen [isbn]
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