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Kempgen's linguistic bibliography

This Linguistic Bibliography contains about 17.000 records relating to Slavic Linguistics and Slavic Culture with focus on East- and South Slavic Regions. The list of subjects is located here.

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Tolkovyj slovar' russkix poslovic i pogovorok

Žukov, V.P. - Moskva, Russkij jazyk, 1987

Škol'nyj frazeologičeskij slovar' russkogo jazyka

Žukov, V.P. - Moskva, 1980

Slovar' russkich poslovic i pogovorok. Izd. 7-e., ster

Žukov, V.P. - Moskva, Russkij jazyk, 2000, 537 p.

Russkaja frazeologija. Izd. 2-e

Žukov, V.P.; Žukov, A.V. - Moskva, Vysšaja škola, 2006, 408 p.

Slovar' frazeologičeskix sinonimov russkogo jazyka

Žukov, V.P.; Sidorenko, M.I.; Škljarov, V.T. - Moskva, Russkij jazyk, 1987