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Sorbian Bibliography 1945-2016 (SorBib)

The Sorbian Bibliography is provided by the Sorbian Institute (Bautzen) and contains about 74.000 records from 1945 till 2016. The list of subjects is located here.

Author(s)Laduš, Manfred

Martin Luther a Serbja : wliw a wuskutki reformacije na Łužicu a na jeje serbskich wobydlerjow

PublishedNowa doba 37 (1983) [10.09.1983], 214; (01.10...)232; (22.10...)249; (29.10...)255; (05.11...)261, Př
Place Budyšin
ClassificationLuther, Martin
Geschichte der Sorben und der Lausitz
16.-18. Jh. (1500-1800)
SoundexM6726; L5270; S8710; W0842; R7376; L5840; S8718; W0125
Mediumnewspaper article
Holdings (in Germany)ZDB-Katalog
PURLCitation link