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Sorbian Bibliography 1945-2016 (SorBib)

The Sorbian Bibliography is provided by the Sorbian Institute (Bautzen) and contains about 74.000 records from 1945 till 2016. The list of subjects is located here.

Co-author(s)K. P.

Před sto a wjace lětami : stawizniski přinošk k nowotwarej Serbskeho domu

PublishedNowa doba 7 (1953) [23.07.1953], 87, (25.07.)88
Place Budyšin
ClassificationHaus der Sorben
Geschichte der Sorben und der Lausitz
19. Jahrhundert
SoundexW0800; L5260; S8286; P1768; N6270; S8718
Mediumnewspaper article
Holdings (in Germany)ZDB-Katalog
PURLCitation link