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The Bibliographic Database of German Publication on Russia, the Soviet Union and its Successor States (RussGus)

The Bibliographic Database of German Publication on Russia, the Soviet Union and its Successor States (RussGus) contains about 170.000 records from 1974 to 2003 and collects publications of different document types: books, dissertations and other university publications, articles from journals and newspapers including reviews, maps etc. The lists of personal and geographical subjects are located here and here.

Author(s)Haensch, Günther; Haberkamp de Antón, Gisela

Dictionary of agriculture: German, Engl., French, Spanish, Russian

PagesXXIV, 999 S.
PublisherAmsterdam: Elsevier
Grammatik des Russischen
Fachwörterbücher und Spezialwörterbücher
SoundexD2826; A0474; G4766; F3764; S8168; R7860
Note4. compl. rev. and enl. ed.
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