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The database "Online Contents" (OLC) Slavistics gathers the approx. 300,000 tables of contents of approx. 535 most important Slavic periodicals with the reporting period from 1998 until today and is being processed continuously by the Berlin State Library - Prussian Cultural Heritage. A list of authors as tag cloud can be found here.

Author(s)Jakimovska-Tošiḱ, Maja; Pleveneš, Jordan

Patot na sufiskata tajna kniga od Azija, preku Balkanot, do Evropa i do beskrajot = The Route of the Sufism' secret book from Asia through Balkan to Europe and infinity

PublishedSpektar : meǵunarodno spisanie za literaturna nauka Instituta za literatura, Skopje, 30, 2012, 60, 3-9
SoundexP1220; S8384; T2600; K4640; A0800; P1740; B1546; E0710; B1847; R7200; S8386; S8872; T2740; B1546; E0710; I0636
URLiml.edu.mk (homepage) Vol. 28, Iss. 55 (2010) -
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SourceOLC Slavistik
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