Портал славистики

The Papers to the Slavic Bibliography 1945-1983 (MatSlavBib)

The "Papers to the Slavic Bibliography 1945-1983 (MatSlavBib)" was converted from the printed three volumes bibliography and contains about 10.220 records. The list of subject is located here.

Author(s)Röhling, Horst

Rez. University of Birmingham. Centre for Russian and East European Studies. Resources for Soviet, East European and Slavonic Studies in British Libraries. Ed. by Gregory Walker. Birmingham 1981

PublishedMitteilungsblatt des Verbandes der Bibliotheken des Landes Nordrhein-Westfalen. 31.1981. S. 236-237
ClassificationSlawische Philologie, allg.
SoundexU0678; B1766; C8627; R7860; E0716; S8228; R7878; S8200; E0716; S8564; S8228; B1728; L5177; G4747; W0547; B1766
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