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Kempgen's linguistic bibliography

This Linguistic Bibliography contains about 17.000 records relating to Slavic Linguistics and Slavic Culture with focus on East- and South Slavic Regions. The list of subjects is located here.

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A Note on the Informativeness of Parts of Words

Brunoer, J.S.; O'Dowd, D. - in: Language and Speech (1958) 98-101

The relation between the functional burdening of phonemes and the frequency of occurrence

Herdan, G. - in: Language and Speech (1958) 8-13

A Quantitative Typology of Languages

Krámský, J. - in: Language and Speech (1959) 75-85

The classification of Parts of Speech for the Characterization of Aphasia

Jones, L.V.; Goodman, M.F.; Wepman, J.M. - in: Language and Speech (1963) 94-107

Fries on Word Classes

Lascelles, M. - in: Language and Speech (1958) 86-105

The hapax legomenon: A real or apparent phenomenon?

Herdan, G. - in: Language and Speech (1959) 26-36