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The European Bibliography of Slavic and East European Studies (EBSEES) - 1991-2007

The European Bibliography of Slavic and East European Studies (EBSEES) collects books, journal articles, reviews and dissertations from Eastern Europe (former countries of Eastern Bloc) which were published in Belgium, Germany, Finland, France, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Austria and Switzerland from 1991 to 2007. The segment "Literature" and "Culture" of the European Bibliography of Slavic and East European Studies contains 18.000 bibliographic entries (from the total asset of 85.000). More information can be found here.

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Portrait of a Soviet school under glasnost

Muckle, James, Basingstoke, London, Macmillan, 1990, ix+205 p

Research on Soviet higher education

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The Anglo-American School for the Deaf

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The alternative school: problems of upbringing and social services in a new era

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Estestvenniki i iskusstvenniki

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Democracy in the Russian school : the reform movement in education since 1984

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Educational policy and national character: Africa, Japan, the United States, and the Soviet Union

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Bildung und Erziehung in der Sowjetunion in den neunziger Jahren

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Culture, éducation, mentalité

Davydov, Vasilij V.; Zinchenko, V.P., in: Perspectives, 21(1), 1er trim., 1991, p. 9-17

Russkie universitety na grani dvuh ėpoh. Ot Rossii krepostnoj k Rossii kapitalističeskoj

Ėjmontova, Regina G., Moskva, Nauka, 1985