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The European Bibliography of Slavic and East European Studies (EBSEES) - 1991-2007

The European Bibliography of Slavic and East European Studies (EBSEES) collects books, journal articles, reviews and dissertations from Eastern Europe (former countries of Eastern Bloc) which were published in Belgium, Germany, Finland, France, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Austria and Switzerland from 1991 to 2007. The segment "Literature" and "Culture" of the European Bibliography of Slavic and East European Studies contains 18.000 bibliographic entries (from the total asset of 85.000). More information can be found here.

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Globalization of science and technology : a way for C.I.S. countries to new markets

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A la frontière russo-estonienne

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The technology of transition: science and technology policies for transition countries

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After the revolutions: East-West trade and technology transfer in the 1990s

Boulder, CO, Oxford, Westview, 1991, viii+227 p

Trade, industrial co-operation and technology transfer : continuity and change in a new era of East-West relations

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La libéralisation du contrôle des échanges technologiques Est-Ouest et ses implications internationales

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Joint Ventures als Instrument zur Überwindung der Technologischen Lücke in Ost- und Süd-Ost-Europa

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Avenues of technology transfer : foreign investment and productivity change in the Czech Republic

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Foreign direct investment in the former communist world: a key vehicle for technological upgrading

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Knowledge transfer under subcontracting: evidence from Czech firms

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