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Bibliography of the Czech Linguistics (BibCzechLing)

The "Bibliography of the Czech Linguistics (BibCzechLing)" is provided by the Institute of the Czech Language of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic (Ústav pro jazyk český AV). The database contains about 73.280 records and covers the period from 1992 till 2018. The list of subjects is located here.

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Social values, their linguistic coding and changes through time Australian personal ads over the span of one hundred years

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The Language of Personal Advertising in Australian Newspapers

Vlčková, Jitka Brno 2001

Language and ideology: 'Nationalism' and racial coding in Australian personal advertisements

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Evasion and hedging in the language of parliamentary Question Time

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Geographically neutral and geographically marked idioms in English

Kvetko, Pavol, in: Silesian Studies in English 2006 : International Conference of English and American Studies Opava 18-19 September 2006 (Proceedings), Opava, SlU ; 2006, s. 129-137

Sbírka anglických idiomů a slangu

Hrách, Tomáš Praha 1998