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Author(s)Johansson, Roger; Holšánová, Jana; Holmqvist, Kenneth

What do eye movements reveal about mental imagery? Evidence from visual and verbal elicitations

PublishedProceedings of the CogSci 2005 : 27 annual conference of the Cognitive Science Society: July 21-23, 2005, Stressa, Mahwah (NJ), Lawrence Erlbaum Associates ; 2005, s. 1054-1059
Classification (CZ)Psycholingvistika. Neurolingvistika
Nejazyková komunikace. Zoolingvistika
Classification (EN)Psycholinguistics. Neurolinguistics
Non-verbal communication. Zoolinguistics
Subjectspsycholingvistika; lingvistika kognitivní; komunikace; komunikace nejazyková
Subjects (DE)Psycholinguistik; Kognitive Linguistik; Kommunikation; Nonverbale Kommunikation
NoteEl. dokument. - Podle SaS 2010, s. 326
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