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Bibliography of the Czech Linguistics (BibCzechLing)

The "Bibliography of the Czech Linguistics (BibCzechLing)" is provided by the Institute of the Czech Language of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic (Ústav pro jazyk český AV). The database contains about 73.280 records and covers the period from 1992 till 2018. The list of subjects is located here.

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Subject clauses and related structures

Smolka, Vladislav, in: Theory and Practice in English Studies. Vol. 1 : Proceedings from the Seventh Conference of English, American and Canadian Studies (Linguistics and Methodology), Brno, MU ; 2003, s. 111-115

Non-extraposed subject clauses

Smolka, Vladislav, in: Theory and Practice in English Studies. Vol. 3 : Proceedings from the 8th Conference of English, American and Canadian Studies (Linguistics, Methodology and Translation), Brno, MU ; 2005, s. 137-143

Why we read what we think we are reading: on some aspects of resolving ambiguity

Smolka, Vladislav, in: The Prague School and Theories of Structure [PSTS], Göttingen, V&R Unipress ; 2010, s. 209-218

Postposed subject that- clauses

Smolka, Vladislav, in: Patterns : A Festschrift for Libuše Dušková, Praha, FF UK ; 2005, s. 209-215

Czech-English word order interference

Smolka, Vladislav, in: Learning Together : Proceedings of the 4th International and the 8th National Conference of the Association of Teachers of English of the Czech Republic: 10-12 September 2004, Pardubice, Univ. Pardubice ; 2004, s. 92-98

Subject clauses revisited

Smolka, Vladislav, in: 2nd Prague Conference on Linguistics and Literary Studies : Proceedings, Praha, PF UK ; 2005, s. 31-37

Linearity in functional sentence perspective: the strength of the weak factor

Smolka, Vladislav, in: Linguistica Pragensia, 25, č. 1, 2015, s. 19-26

Word-order as a cohesive device

Smolka, Vladislav, in: Exploring Cohesion and Coherence in English Discourse : Third Brno Conference on Linguistic Studies in English. Proceedings, Brno, MU ; 2009, s. 101-108.

The end-weight and end-focus principles in rhematic subjects

Smolka, Vladislav, in: Theories and Practices : Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Anglophone Studies, September 7-8, 2011, Tomáš Baťa University in Zlín, Zlín, Univ. T. Bati ; 2012, s. 79-85

The Position of Finite and Nonfinite Subject Clauses

Smolka, Vladislav Praha 2007