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Bibliography of the Czech Linguistics (BibCzechLing)

The "Bibliography of the Czech Linguistics (BibCzechLing)" is provided by the Institute of the Czech Language of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic (Ústav pro jazyk český AV). The database contains about 73.280 records and covers the period from 1992 till 2018. The list of subjects is located here.

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Czech speech synthesis

Ptáček, Miroslav, in: Phonetica Pragensia, č. 9, 1996, s. 231-244

Úvod do fonetické akustiky

Ptáček, Miroslav Praha 1993

Aktuální problémy syntézy řečového signálu

Ptáček, Miroslav Praha 1992

The neutral vowel in Czech: Its application in text-to-speech synthesis

Ptáček, Miroslav; Janota, Přemysl, in: Proceedings of LP'94 : Proceedings of the Conference Item Order in Natural Languages. Prague, August 16-18, 1994, Praha, Karolinum ; 1995, s. 132-138

Ein Beitrag zur Intonation in der Diphonsynthese

Palková, Zdena; Ptáček, Miroslav, in: Phonetica Pragensia, 8, 1995, s. 59-72

Quelques remarques sur la perception du tchèque synthétique

Dohalská, Marie; Ptáček, Miroslav, in: Phonetica Pragensia, 8, 1995, s. 79-126

Czech diphone synthesis with the new diphone inventory

Ptáček, Miroslav; Horák, Petr, in: Speech Processing [7] : 7th Czech-German Workshop, Faculty of Arts, Charles University, Prague, 8th-10th September 1997. Abstracts, Praha, Institute of Radio Engineering and Electronics ; 1997, s. 35-36

Prosodic issues in Czech: an application in TTS

Palková, Zdena; Ptáček, Miroslav, in: ICPhS 95 : Proceedings of the 13th international congress of phonetic sciences, Stockholm, Sweden, 13-19 August, 1995. Vol. 4, Stockholm, KTH ; 1995, s. 380-383

Speech sound quantity in isolated Czech words

Janota, Přemysl; Ptáček, Miroslav, in: Proceedings of the 32th Czech Conference of Acoustics: Speech - Music - Hearing, Praha, 1995, s. 67-70

Modelling prosody in TTS diphone synthesis in Czech

Palková, Zdena; Ptáček, Miroslav, in: Speech Processing : Selected Topics from the Czech-German Workshops, Frankfurt a. Main, Hector ; 1997, s. 59-77