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Author(s)Klenin, Emily

A Syntax for Poetry: Word Order in Fet

PublishedAmerican Contributions to the Twelfth International Congress of Slavists : Cracow, August - September 1998 : Literature, Linguistics, Poetics (1998), 444-459
Editored. by Robert A. Maguire, Alan Timberlake
PublisherSlavica Publishers Indiana University
Classifisation (EN)Subject areas
Exact Methods in Linguistic Theory of Verse
Classifisation (RU)Тематические блоки
Точные методы в лингвистическом стиховедении
Classifisation (CZ)Tematické bloky
Exaktní metody v lingvistické teorii verše
SoundexS8624; P1270; O0727
VolumeXII (1998)
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