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The Bibliography of International Congresses of Slavists (1929-2013) was converted from thirteen printed volumes into a database in cooperation with the Slavonic Library in Prague (Slovanská knihovna Praha) and contains 7767 records. Since 2008 the Bibliography appear only in electronic form and will be updated in five-year interval according to the next Congresses of Slavists. The further information can be found here. The overview of the classification can be found: here.

Author(s)Leeming, Henry

Some Unidentified Loan-Words in Common Slavonic and Old Church Slavonic

PublishedThe Slavonic and East European Review 56 (1978) 2, 161-176
Classifisation (EN)Linguistics
Classifisation (RU)Языкознание
Classifisation (CZ)Jazykověda
SoundexU0626; W0788; C4666; S8564; C4740; S8564
VolumeVIII (1978)
URLwww.jstor.org (homepage) Vol. 6, Iss. 18 (1928) -
gateway.proquest.com (homepage) DFG-geförderte Nationallizenz
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