Портал славистики

Bibliography of German-speaking Slavistics 1983-1992 (BibDatSlav)

The "Bibliography of German-speaking Slavistics 1983-1992" was converted from the printed publication to a database and contains about 10.000 bibliographic items. The list of subjects is located here.

Author(s)Obst, Ulrich

[Rez. zu] Tönnies Fenne's Low German Manual of Spoken Russian : Pskov 1607 / L.L. Hammerich ; R. Jakobson ; E. van Schooneveld ; T. Starck ; A. Stender-Petersen [Hrsg.]. I-IV. Copenhagen 1961; 1970; 1985; 1986

PublishedBeiträge zur Namenforschung. Neue Folge 24 (1989) 248-254
ClassificationSlawische Sprachen
Ostslawische Sprachen
Geschichte der Sprache
SoundexT2668; F3668; G4766; M6650; S8146; R7860; P1840; H0667; J0418; S8865; S8274; S8262; P1278; C4164
TypeRezension; Aufsatz
Holdings (in Germany)in KVK prüfen
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