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Slavistische Arbeitsbibliographie von Prof. S. Kempgen

Die "Slavistische Arbeitsbibliographie von Prof. S. Kempgen" enthält ca. 17.000 Titel zur slavischen Sprach- und Kulturwissenschaft mit besonderen Schwerpunkten in der Ost- und Südslawistik (Russland und Balkanraum). Die Schlagwortliste befindet sich hier.

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Automatic Analysis of Inflectional Morphemes in German Nouns. An Algorithm for Automatic Indexing

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Defining morphology: A Principled Approach to Determining the Boundaries of Compounding. Derivation and Inflection

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Turco-Bulgarica: Articles in English and French concerning Turkish influence on Bulgarian

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On the influence of the English language on Russian and Polish, and English interference in the two languages as spoken on this continent

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Common and Comparative Slavic: Phonology and Inflection with special emphasis on Russian, Polish, Czech, Serbo-Croatian, and Bulgarian

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The Lübeckers Bartholomäeus Gothan and Nicolaus Bülow in Novgorod and Moscow and the Problem of Early Western Influences on Russian culture

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